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Tailoring existing solutions
EIS provides the consulting expertise and methodologies to integrate, enhance and build new modules within a common framework. Our implementation experts work within your requirements. Whether you are using Link2Hr (formerly Concur HR), PeopleSoft, SAP, Cold Fusion or others, we help you realize your goals with a maximum of efficiency and a minimum of inconvenience. We provide a wealth of experience and industry best practices to satisfy your business needs.

EIS in action

Effective Internet Solutions built a Web-based time and attendance tracking system for a major Fortune 500 Company. Previously, management spent an inordinate amount of time filling out time sheets and faxing them into a central office. There, additional time and resources were spent keying this information directly into their payroll system. By designing and developing an intranet application for managers that interfaces directly with the payroll system, EIS streamlined the existing process resulting in tremendous time and cost savings. Through this application, management can now generate reports, view and update vacation calendars, and much more--all on the company intranet!

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